Meetings aligned with the way you work today.

What if you could take the effort out of meetings with a simple app that captures important points and gives your team action items to improve productivity?

$457B is wasted yearly on meetings. How much could you be saving?

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Scheduling Automation

Connect your calendars to Reelay to automatically find available times for scheduled meetings and recordings.

Note Taking

Reelay takes the heavy lifting out of preparation and administration by transcribing and highlighting your meetings.

Action Items

Your important business assignments and meeting points are autonomously converted into actionable contextual assets.

Chat Integration

Meeting related conversations can now update your Slack channels in real-time to improve productivity.

Audience Engagement

Reelay instills confidence for all participants by letting them know where to engage and what points really matter.

Meeting Analytics

Team members receive auto-generated meeting insights and recommendations to improve communication skills and efficiency.